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Lloyd Wendt is the owner of Faction Mind SEO, a comprehensive search engine optimization solutions provider that aims to empower individuals, groups, and organizations to become highly successful in their digital or online marketing campaigns. We do this by providing our clients with comprehensive, highly innovative, and results-oriented solutions that take into consideration every single aspect of our clients’ professional characteristics to build credibility for the whole internet world to see and appreciate.

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Our Expertise

Our expertise in search engine optimization is not limited to the technical aspects of ensuring online marketing success for our clients. We don’t just do keyword research; we make sure that these keywords are fully integrated into the different online marketing strategies that we can design with and for our clients. We make sure that we work closely with our clients in this aspect because we are also committed to empowering them to mount their own SEO campaigns in the future.

Part of what we provide is web design and development. Knowing the right keywords is only half the battle in SEO. What is crucial is how we can integrate these into the different elements of our clients’ websites. We make sure that the website is fully responsive to allow our clients’ customers to be able to access the site regardless of the device they use.

We also provide superb content management services to help guide our clients in the creation of more meaningful, useful, and highly compelling content for their website. We make sure they understand how to use the keywords into the different types of content so their exposure in the world of search engines can be fully optimized.

We Deliver Results

We don’t stop there. We also believe that part of a successful SEO campaign is social media marketing. We know that we can build better and more credible links if we are also able to connect our clients with their customers through a highly engaging social media platform. All of these are part of our online reputation management services where we work with our clients to build their credibility and trustworthiness in their respective fields.

Faction Mind SEO was founded by Lloyd Wendt, an Irvine, CA resident, with the vision of enabling people and organizations to make full use of the power of search engine optimization. His educational background and hands-on experience in the SEO industry has prompted him to create his own California SEO company to provide clients with better choices to help them realize their online marketing goals and spell success for their businesses.

Lloyd Wendt masterminds with the top SEO specialists in the world. Please contact us if you’ve got further questions you would like to discuss regarding your business and needs.